Why you should intern

It is often said by a lot of undergraduates and fresh graduates that they do not have any work experience. Interning is one of the best ways to have work experience.

An Internship is a period of work experience offered by an employer to give students and graduates exposure to the working environment usually within a specific field related to their course of study. Internship helps student master professional soft skills such as communication, problem solving and time management

In interning, this is where you apply all the knowledge you have acquired in the four walls of the university .Nobody would ask you to define the law of demand and supply or balance a chemical equation. There are a lot of internships opportunity on job sites, LinkedIn, job fairs and even on social media. 

An internship could be paid ,unpaid or partially paid ;this could be in form of stipends such as transport allowance.  Internships are sometimes flexible for undergraduates, this could be during holidays it could be as short as 4weeks or long as a year .This depends on the agreement the intern has with  the organisation. An intern could decide to extend his or her stay in an organisation ,it could be due to the fact he or she wants to learn more on the job.

You should understand the culture of the organisation, what the organisation stands for, the hierarchy ,the dressing and many more as an intern. You can apply at any level for your internship ,it is advisable to apply during your long holidays and short breaks.

A major advantage of interning is that you gain professional experience and you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.

When you see an internship placement, please apply, you have a lot to lean and gain.

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