What are transferable skills?

You must have heard the words transferable skills but have wondered why it is necessary in the workplace. Transferable skills are specific set of skills that do not belong to just a particular job or industry. They are general skills that can be transferred between jobs, departments and industries.

You develop these skills from your education or training or even employment experience. Most employers are always on the lookout for these skills, this is because they are highly needed in the workplace. 

Some of these skills include;


  • Leadership and team management


How well you can effectively lead a team is necessary. This could be during your undergraduate days, how you were the vice President or General Secretary of your departmental association, how you led your team to victory in a National Debate competition.This shows that you can resolve conflict, motivate and delegate responsibilities.


  • Problem Solving


Businesses encounter various issues, an employer would like to employ someone who can proffer solution rather than being part of the problem. What value are you adding to the organisation? You need to ask yourself this from time to time.


  • Communication skills


You must be able to properly articulate yourself in the work place .You would need to communicate with your fellow employees or even to a group of investors. Being able to articulate your ideas in a simple and clear manner is very important .Even your writing skills is also important, you may be asked to give reports and write articles for your organisation.


  • Time management


Effective time management boosts productivity. Your ability to perform a given task at a stipulated period of time is key .Proper time management is about planning your daily tasks and avoiding distractions.


  • Listening skills


This is the ability to understand and interpret the information that has been passed to you. Poor listening skills can lead to  query at the workplace.

When writing your CV include the transferable skills you possess. This skills goes a long way in persuading employers that you are the right person for the job.

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