Getting a Job

You must have heard the popular cliché that says ‘getting a job, is a job’. what this means is ,as a job seeker you must be armed with the right  knowledge on how to go about this. Job hunting can be frustrating for anyone you know.

Getting a job is not as hard as it seems,

  • Update your C.V

It may be shocking to know that some graduates who say they are actively seeking for jobs do not have a C.V. A curriculum Vitae is a document that contains detailed summary of your academic,professional,working experience and other personal details  such as Name, address, email and phone number. Having a captivating C.V goes a long way to be called for an interview. There are various persons that offer C.V writing services if you are in need of one.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is like every other social media platform, but it is tailored for professional purposes. People get recommended for jobs and get jobs through this platform. You may say ‘I have been on LinkedIn but I am without a job’, the question I would ask is ‘how active are you’?. Do you comment on people’s post? Do you write articles? You say you are a content writer and you have not posted a single article, what an irony. You can find people who do what you love to do and link up with them. That person may be the key to the job you are looking for. Connect wisely.

  • Be Positive

Always have a positive mind-set, it can be discouraging when you send hundreds of emails and just get one interview invite and after being interviewed, you do not get a reply.

  • Improve on Yourself

There are some skills and qualifications that you require for your career. There are various qualifications that you can apply for online, take that course, learn that skill. There are some skills needed in the workplace such as presentation skills, proficient use of Powerpoint and excel.

  • Subscribe to Job Websites

There are various websites you can subscribe to online. You can even narrow them down to your job specification and your location.

  • Talk to People

There is nothing to be ashamed of when looking for a job. Everybody at a point in time was a job seeker ,so why the Shame .Talk to people who have your best interest at heart, who knows that person could know somebody that knows somebody that can offer you a job.

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