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As technology advances, organization processes are being improved to make operations faster in order to maximize the performance of this system. These reason, competition and other factors have caused a lot of systems to upgrade and some out of the market, also has brought opportunities for some and then made some jobless.

A lot of industries utilize automation in their processes which is still a rare skill in the labour market. Here is how its utilized in a few fields,

Manufacturing, PLC’s are essential control devices in promoting factory automations. They support automation and power savings in manufacturing
  • Auto- assembly machine
  • Conveyor
  • Robot machine
  • Cutting machine ,divider/turntable
LEISURE: PLC’s are used in amusement parks for many kinds of attractions. In a nurse
  • stage setting(drop curtain
  • Neon light advertisement
  • Swing ride in an amusement park
  • Illuminate fountain
  • ski lift gate control
HEALTH AND MEDICAL: PLC’s are also used for health services and peripheral equipment for medical care.
  • Automated bed, battery operated wheel chair
  • medical sterilizer
  • medical instrument in s nursing home
  • bathing machine
BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT : PLC  control is required in many places in a building


  • Automatic door
  • Automatic lighting system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Window clear
  • Vertical lift building construction
TRAFFIC: PLC’s are used in facilities closely related to your cars
  • Automatic car washing machine
  • Multi-level parking lots
  • Station platform display(traffic lights )
  • Gate for a car park
  • Diesel engine control
  • Temperature control in green houses
  • Fruit sorting based on sizes such as egg sorting machine
  • Apple sorting machine
  • Watermelon sorting machine
  • Air conditioner control
  • Automated feeder.
Other areas include:
  • Filling line in bottling companies
  • Industrial sewing machine
  • Industrial washing machine
  • Textile weaving loom.
Oil and gas sector is the most automated industry presently in Nigeria

So its finally here!

Learn to use PLC,the most utilized Automation software.

This is your super skill to get an offer from a fortune 500 firm or secure your current job because everything is being Automated.

At the end of training participants will be able to ……

  • Create and manage automated systems
  • Understand Robot system
  • Use PLC software
  • And more….


  • Functional laptop


  • Students: NGN 15,000 only (90% off)
  • Graduates: NGN 20,000 only (87% off)

DATE: January 5th  – February 2nd (Weekends)

VENUE: University of Lagos


  • click the link below to join the class whatsapp group;
  • on the group, Drop your name, email and phone number to be contacted by an admin.

For Inquiries: 08173876228, 07068209146

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